Ongi Etorri

Welcome to the Zazpiak Bat Reno Basque Club Web site!

The club was founded in in September of 1966 with thirty-three people contributing $3.00 each for membership. Zazpiak Bat’s principal mission is to preserve and maintain the traditions and culture of the Basque people in this area, while teaching others about the culture as well.

This web site contains information for current and potential members regarding our policies and activities. Thank you for visiting! You can also visit us on our Facebook page.



Running of the Bars

Celebrate San Fermin stateside! Wear your best white attire & red bandana as we hop from bar to bar sipping on fun cocktails!

When: Thursday, July 7 

Where: TBD


Basque Festival
When: Saturday, July 16 | 8am

Where: California Building- 75 Cowan Drive (map)

     8am- Mus- Cash Tournament

     11am- Dancing, Games, Lunch, Drink


Where: Battle Born Brewery (map)

When: Saturday, July 16 | 8pm