Zazpiak Bat Basque Club

About Us

The club was founded in in September of 1966 with thirty-three people contributing $3.00 each for membership. Zazpiak Bat's principal mission is to preserve and maintain the traditions and culture of the Basque people in this area, while teaching others about the culture as well.

This web site contains information for current and potential members regarding our policies and activities. Thank you for visiting! You can also visit us on our Facebook page.

Board of Directors

President: (2017-2018): Joe Leonis
Vice-President: (2017-2018): Javier Navarte
Secretary: (2016-2017): Mary Elliott
Treasurer: (2016-2017): Jennifer Etcheberry
NABO Delegate: (2017-2018): Enrike Corcostegui
NABO Delegate: (2016-2017): Dominica Zubillaga

Board Members:
Felicia Aguirre DeWald (2017-2018)
Marylou Etcheberry (2017-2018)
Paul Iñaki Etxeberri (2016-2017)
Mateo Franzoia (2017-2018)
Alison Hull (2016-2017)
Dustin Marvel (2017-2018)
Miren Zubillaga (2016-2017)
TJ Valencia (2016-2017)

Dance: Jennifer Etcheberry, Angie Reeder
Membership: Dominica Zubillaga
Euskara: Christin Aramburu Alegria
NABO Calendar/Cookbook Sales: Mary Lou Urrutia
Newsletter/Social Media: Miren Zubillaga, Mariluz Garcia
Sunshine committee: Janet Inda

Visiting Reno?

If you're visiting Reno, you might want to visit a Basque exhibit with which the club was very involved: the Basque Exhibit at the Wilbur D. May Center in Rancho San Rafael Great Basin Adventure Park inaugurated in 2008. The exhibit includes a reconstructed Basque sheepherder's camp that includes a restored brick oven, tent, a sheep wagon complete with artifacts, and reading boards that describe and explain the life of the herders. The park is located at: 1595 North Sierra, Reno, NV. It is open in the summer on Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00AM to 4:00 PM and from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM on Sundays